Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is Your Jewelry-Making Music?

You've got to be careful about the kind of music you play in the studio. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...dancing when you're supposed to be working and creating your beauties. You don't think anyone else knows because you're all alone in your studio (at least I am) and you don't think anyone else knows because no one can see you...but I know. Because I do it too.

Walking on the rail trail today I got to thinking (danger!) how some tunes on my Ipod are perfect for walking, some for a slow jog, and some for an all-out sprint. Then my thoughts turned to my studio and I tried to get an idea of the perfect tune mix for the jewelry making tasks waiting for me there. Note to self...good luck with that. My musical tastes are all over the map.

I'll just stick to my favorite playlist and try to exercise some self-control...let's see.

More notes to Self
  • Ray of Light, by Madonna
  • Crazy, by Knarls Barkley
  • Adouma, by Santana (with Seal on vocals)
While listening to the any of the above, remain seated (if you want to get anything done) and continue to string cord, hammer silver, fuse or solder. May tap feet or kick leg, except when using foot pedal for flexshaft. And Do Not file to the music!

  • Working Class Hero, by John Lennon...performed by Green Day
  • The Likes of You Again, by Flogging Molly (or anything by Flogging Molly)
  • Sound of a Gun, by Audioslave (or anything by the short-lived group)
While listening to the above music, do not, I repeat, DO NOT perform any hammering or forging tasks. You'll know what I mean when your 22 gauge silver sheet becomes 30 gauge just because you had to keep time with the amazing back beats (my apologies to Chris Cornell, Tom Morello and the rest of that amazing group). And Working Class Hero...well, being that I belong to a labor union, I just have to get my solidarity-feeling, self-righteous anger on. But with no way to direct it except towards the silver I'm pounding on...then the song is over, and I've got an overworked piece of metal.

  • Business Time, by Flight of the Conchords
While listening to this, Do Not laugh. I don't need to tell you the consequences of losing the focus of your flame.

  • Bittersweet Symphany, by Verve Pipe
  • Clocks, by Cold Play
  • I Will Possess Your Heart, by Death Cab for Cutie
  • Tranquilize, by The Killers (with Lou Reed...remember him?)
All of the above songs are CERTIFIED OK by me to listen to while you make your jewelry. The only danger is that you might stop what your doing to actually listen...and that isn't very productive, is it. Also, Bittersweet Symphany can become a little hypnotic, so watch your flame!

Sometimes I just let the radio do the choosing for me. My favorite is 102.7 WEQX in Manchester, Vermont. They play a great mix of alternative and rock. If I don't like what they're playing, I'll switch to Exit 97.7 out of Amsterdam, New York. They play lots of music that I've never heard before, and they have a program called "Echoes" hosted by John DeLibretto. the music is very haunting and relaxing...I'd call it "New Age", but it's something more than that. In fact, it's on right now, so just click on the link to see what I mean.

Let me know what your favorite jewelry-making tunes are...I might be missing some great music in my studio!


  1. That's funny... my "studio" is in a corner of my bedroom so I usually just have the little TV in there tuned to a radio station... but if I remember to charge my MP3 player, I'd be listening to mostly the music you see on my playlist (it's on my blog so you could scroll through it)... some really good stuff there. :)
    And to answer your question, yep, "Bonne Fete" would be appropriate - it can mean Happy Birthday " or "Happy Festival/Party". :)

  2. Oops! That last part was supposed to be for PeppyPilotGirl, LOL, sorry. I'm having a senior moment. Working on getting that brain of mine back in order, sorry! :)

  3. I love all your music...especially Joss Stone. That girl's voice is phenomenomenal (or however you spell it)!
    BTW, I hope PeppyPilotGirl got your message...I know the feeling: so many blogs, so little time!

  4. Hi Betsy! (Silveryeverafter = Peppypilotgirl in my private life so, yep, I got the message!) (Hi, SMT!!)

    I actually tend to listen to podcasts of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me or Car Talk. They can be just distracting though because I laugh my behind off. Otherwise, it just depends on what I'm in the mood for. Sometimes it's the Lord of the Rings soundtrack or some Beethoven piano concertos, sometimes The Ramones or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. All depends on the day. Usually it's stuff I know so well that it just keeps those nagging little voices in my head taken care of without distracting me from the task at hand.

  5. Silveryeverafter, those guys from Car Talk are hilarious...I especially love to listen to the credits at the end. I've never heard "Wait, Wait, Don't tell Me"...I'll have to get on their website. Just remember my warning about laughing too hard in the studio!
    Yesssss my precioussss...Lord of the Rings rocks!

  6. This days I love to lisen guitar music while working in my studio. I have found on Youtube some beautiful guitar music from AndanteLargo and all my work is done on time.No distractions for my feet :)

  7. Anibas, I can see's calming without being sleepy. It's good you get your work done on don't want to keep your customers waiting for those beautiful pieces!
    I just officially followed your blog today...I always like to see what your going to create next!

  8. Thank You Betsy for that. :)It is nice to know that You like to see what's coming next.