Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Few More Examples of My Work: New and Old

It's been awhile, hasn't it!  I hope you like the new look and feel of my blog.  I changed templates because the old one was giving me a kind of squeezed-in feeling.  This one has (and hopefully you'll agree) a more expansive atmosphere.

I decided to play around with my oldest digital camera, my Nikon Coolpix 800.  Even though it eats batteries by the landfill-full (say that ten times real fast) this thing is a real workhorse (as long as it's plugged in), and one of the most honest cameras I've come across.  And by honest I mean that it gives no quarter to an object with flaws.  Sometimes it's too honest.  It was great when I used to sell antique pottery and porcelain on Ebay, where you really want to be up front about chips and cracks.  Trust me, this baby showed everything.

So I tried it on some of my jewelry...and here are some of my beauties:

This is a free-form pendant I made by wrapping a tight ball of paper towel with 16 gauge wire, ripping out the towel, and pounding it into a doming block.
This is a link necklace I made from (roughly) directions from a back issue of Art Jewelry Magazine.  Although it was a real pain to make, it gets me a lot of compliments.
These lovelies were super easy to make, but I think I'll add a few more pearls, mostly the white briollettes.

I don't do much antiquing, but I had to with these hoops in order to see the rugged edge and the wrapping.


  1. Get your butt in gear, Betsy, and get back posting! I just found you, you sound like a kindred soul, and I can't follow if you don't write.

    1. Hi Susan...I'm posting again, and it feels good. Makes me feel like I'm part of the human race again!

  2. Susan,
    Consider my butt in gear (and kicked, too). I checked out your blog, and it's very inspiring. What a beautiful place you live in, and what beautiful work you do!
    I've been writing a novel (a medical mystery) all this time, and, although that's rewarding in its own way, I need to get back in the studio and beat and burn some silver into submission.

  3. Susan, and Any of My Other Commentators (as well as Followers of My Blog):

    I'm having a lot of difficulty accessing my dashboard to post to this blog. For some reason, Google doesn't recognize my old password. When I create a new one, all my gmail goes away...very maddening and frustrating! I can't afford to lose my gmail. I'm at the point where I'm considering using another blog service.
    If I decide to do that, I'll let you guys know the url of my new blog.