Friday, August 23, 2013

One-Day Vacation (or "My Precious Day Off")

I didn't make any jewelry yesterday...have to live up to my halfassed reputation. So I took a mini vacation instead in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I had a hair appointment there anyway and made a fun day of it.

With my tunes, all the windows rolled down and the sunroof open, I savored all the smells the countryside between Johnstown and Saratoga had to offer...

My Tunes

Don't worry...I pulled over for this shot. I'm not that crazy!
But do I sound crazy when I tell you that the dead skunks even smelled good? 

After Chris, colorist and cutter extraordinaire at Fusion The Salon, mad me beautiful, I was starving...looking this good is hard work.

I took myself out to lunch at The Putnam Market on Broadway...ate their country pate and red onions with a honey mustard on a French baguette.

Yum...Sorry, I was so hungry I took a bite out of it before I realized I wanted to take a picture.
Gorgeous day to eat outside and people-watch...especially just before the Travers Stakes!  The town is filling up fast.
On the way out of town I stopped at The Hidden Gardens on Church Street and went overboard photographing their incredible array of garden and home antiques.
I've driven by their store a hundred times and finally decided to stop in.

Horses...of course


                                                    Love the creepy cigar-toting clown

More cigars...except from a traditional Indian.

If I had a fireplace, this is what I'd want around it.




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