Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Salt and Vinegar Potato Chip Patina

Thanks to Anvil Artifacts salt and vinegar potato chip patina recipe, I've created these ancient-looking copper earrings. 

They have a feel of being just unearthed from a new archeaological dig at Stonehenge. 

I gently folded the metal and pinched it tightly down in the middle before using the patina recipe.

The interesting thing about this patina is that some parts of the copper were actually corroded...and I think you can see it in the photo.

Chew on that (no pun intended) next time you dive into your next bag of salt and vinegar chips...what's it doing to your stomach???

But I love them and I'll still eat them...even though I feel like I'm getting a blister on my tongue afterwards!

I think I'll drape these beauties with some fine-gauge sterling silver chain for bling.  



  1. These turned out great! This is such a fun patina recipe. Love your results.

    1. Thanks have so many recipes, and I have so little time. I didn't call my blog halfassedjewelryartist for nothing!